A lot of people only seem to spend time in their garden when they’re busy maintaining it. Having a beautifully mown lawn can be time consuming, hard work & expensive. However, the ranges of Artificial Grasses we offer can help you to enjoy your garden all year round with minimum maintenance and upkeep.

It is also extremely durable, being able to withstand the ever changing weather conditions we experience here in the UK which can leave grass surfaces parched, mud-ridden or frost-bitten depending on the seasons.

Another huge advantage of Artificial Grasses is the benefit that they offer to allergy suffers. People who experience grass allergies very rarely get the chance to enjoy joining in family activities or to simply enjoy soaking up the summer sun. Replacing your pollen producing lawn with Artificial Grass really could be life changing for people who suffer from grass allergies or for people who are no longer able to perform the level of upkeep required to enjoy a natural lawn.

Artificial Grass can also be used to breath new life into town houses. Each range has drainage holes to allow for water to pass through them and can be placed on to existing patios or decked areas turning what was bland to a beautiful ever green area that can be enjoyed all year round!

It is also child & pet friendly. Being able to easily disinfect the grass ensures that your children are able to enjoy being outdoors in a clean environment with nothing nasty lying underneath the mud line which could harm them. Animal waste is also easily cleaned away and removed quickly & easily.

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In order to keep your Artificial Grass looking clean and proper all year round we recommend the following:-

  • Using warm soapy water and a stiff brush to clean shorter pile grasses.
  • Use a blower, a light rake or brush to remove leaves on longer pile grasses.
  • For dog mess, remove the bulk of the mess and again use a soapy water solution and brush the area if required.
  • To prevent weeds or moss forming, we recommend you use a watered down weed killer solution twice yearly on the whole of the lawn area.
  • For longer pile grasses apply a sand fill to keep the blades of grass upstanding.

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